Ari Alex (@thearialex), she/her/hers, is a Women’s Self-esteem and Body Confidence Coach, Social media guru, and Influencer with a passion for diversity in leadership and media, especially for women of color and size. She uses her voice, talents, and platform to encourage equitable and inclusive solutions including representation and leadership development among these communities. In 2018, Ari founded The Queenpin Collective, a community organization focused on leadership development and adequate representation of minority women in professional, entrepreneurial, and creative roles.

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25 Gender Inclusive Ways to Say “Hey Guys”

One of my goals for this year is to stop using gender specific pronouns in group settings. I’m still working on it. It’s challenging, but whatever weak minded excuse you can put here to pardon our comfortable ignorance simply isn’t a good enough reason to ignore people’s identities. Plus for me personally, there’s like this…

Taking the Scenic Route

Instant gratification has become the way of the world—particularly, the way of our world. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think anyone has ever been excited to be patient (…if that’s even possible), but there is something to be said for putting in the work and embracing the journey. Plus, if we are being totally…

Growing Vs Expanding

It’s no secret your twenties are about growth, finding yourself, and learning to live on your own terms. The idea is to experience enough in your twenties that you’re ready to make better decisions once you hit 30. I’m no different. During my twenties I learned so much, I thought I learned it all. In…

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