Welcome to All Things Ari

Thank you so much for stopping by my site! I do my best to create content that is relevant and empowering, so it means the world to me that you simply stopped by. My name is Ari Alex. I am a body positive, intersectional feminist and I created All Things Ari to communicate with and inspire women of color through +fashion, beauty, advocacy, and growth. As a plus size black woman, I have experienced a lack of inter-sectionality throughout what the world dubs as feminism, and found there is an extreme need to support a space that empowers the ultimate minority combo: Black women and WOC.

I always appreciated the person I am; however, also struggled with the side effects of being a triple minority (Black/plus/woman) and what that can do to one’s aura and energy. I recall often feeling there was no room for me growing up. There weren’t cute clothes for me; there wasn’t makeup that matched my skin. Hell, there wasn’t even a Black Disney princess at the time; I had to rely on Pocahontas. To be clear, being a Black, plus size woman is a unique and very under represented experience, so this small corner of the internet will always be a resource for inclusion and inter-sectionalism.

When I initially started this journey, it was a way to hold myself accountable, measure my personal growth, and stay committed to my truth. As this journey continues, I have found great pride and fulfillment in helping my like-minded sisters of the world empower themselves and even founded a local community organization called The Queenpin PGH.

So far, this blogging journey has shown me new heights and different ways to navigate through fear, insecurity, jealousy, and doubts, all of which I share to prove none of us are alone. My hope is to empower women who don’t feel included, and inspire women to be more inclusive. Beauty and fashion are huge parts of my life but I am passionate about using my platform to advocate and fight injustice everywhere. I will always advocate for justice, equality, and inclusion, especially for Black women and women of color

Love and Light,