Fashion Highlight: Kristen Daniel and Back of the Store Couture

Last week I had the opportunity to catch up with the founder of Back of the Store Couture, Kristen Daniel. We talked fashion, goals and even a new t-shirt launch! So bomb.

 Ari modeling the “Melanated Move Maker” shirt

For starters, if you don’t know what BOTSC is, its a dope Instagram blog that offers high fashion at a low price, founded and operated by Kristen Daniel. I was lucky enough to sit with Kristen and get all the answers about BOTSC and the new T-shirt launch. Check out the interview below!

Ari: Tell me a little about yourself

Kristen: My name is Kristen Daniel I am from Pittsburgh PA and I am an inspiring event designer, stylist, and the founder of Back of the Store Couture.

Ari: How would you describe your style?

Kristen: I would describe my style as “Eclectic Chic” As a little girl my mom always made sure my sister and I looked sharp and put together no matter where we were going, so that just stuck.I make it a point to pull styles from all over the world of fashion and then put my Kristen spin on it.

Ari: Why are style and fashion so important to you?

Kristen: Style and Fashion are important to me because I believe  the way you present yourself is how you feel about yourself. I am all about positivity and living your best life so my fashion and style allot me the opportunity to present a piece of who I am without even needing to say a word.

IG: @backofthestore.couture

Ari: What inspired you to start BOTSC and how did it come into existence?

Kristen: Back of the store couture is an Instagram blog I started to showcase some of my fashion and looks that I put together, my goal is to inspire people  through my fashion. I am often stopped and told how well something I have on looks, so why not embrace the platform of social media to share it with everyone? My goal with Back of the Store Couture is to showcase that fashion doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money and that its ok to step outside of the box to showcase who you are. Whether its the latest trends or one a one of a kind find…. we show you how to do it for less. There is a method to the fabulous and it starts with back of the store.

Ari: What can followers expect from you in the future?

Kristen: Everyone can expect more BOMB looks, collaborations, and coming soon, inspirational look books. I also want to expand to other social media platforms! I am so excited and passionate about where Back of the Store Couture is headed.

Kristen modeling the “Melanated Move Maker” shirt

Ari: So, spill about the new t-shirt! What inspired you to launch and will there be more pieces in the future?

Kristen: The launch of the shirt came from several areas of inspiration. I am blessed to have some strong men and women of color in my corner that are constantly making things happen and we are ALL making moves. We are following dreams and passions and not letting anything stand in our way! They inspired this shirt. We all are Melanated Move Makers.

And YES! I have some more pieces in the works now and I cannot wait to share them with you all!

Order your Melanated Move Maker shirt via Instagram @backofthestore.couture and send a DM with your order or send an email to

Style Deets:

Ari paired her shirt with a sheer maxi skirt from Forever21 and gold bangles from Torrid.

Kristen paired her shirt with army fatigue print cargos from Fashion Nova and black pumps from Steve Madden, but purchased at DSW.

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