Summer 18’s Sweetest Trend: Maxi Skirts and Crop Tops

If all the raindrops were maxi skirts and crop tops, oh what joy that would bring! This post is filled with nothing but good summer vibes. It reminds me of only the happiest thoughts possible…to the point I feel like I am a kid actor on Barney, joyfully singing with the purple dinosaur himself. More and more, I have been trying to dress outside of my comfort zone as part of my journey to body acceptance and self-love. This summer, I have felt most confident, most beautiful, and most comfortable in maxi skirts and crop tops.


There is something freeing about a maxi skirt on a summer day. I absolutely live for the moment when the wind blows the material of my skirt all around me and gently reminds me of the beauty this world has to offer.  I often find myself pairing maxi skirts with crop tops or bralettes as a rule of balance in my outfit but throughout this summer, there have been more and more outfits and especially matching sets, like the ones pictured below, following this trend.


I was lucky enough to find the perfect maxi skirt while shopping Ashley Stewart a short while back. The beautiful, vibrant colors paired with a dashiki inspired print is EV-ER-RY-THING and I knew I needed to own it.

I paired the skirt with a black lacey bralette that I found on clearance at Torrid. I chose this because I really wanted to illustrate the easy breezy feel this outfit has without being over the top, but still display a hint of sexy.


I wanted to accessorize with pieces that were significant to the dashiki inspired print on the skirt , so  I chose a pair of beautiful rhinestone and gold Ankh earrings and my trusty gold bangles from Torrid.


I love how it turned out! What outfits make you feel free and confident? Post your favorite outfit from the summer in the comments!

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