Nov 6th is Election Day, Go Vote

Honestly, this post is just to reiterate the importance of voting, especially right now. No fancy rhetoric or agenda; just basic common decency and the act of doing the right thing. I put together a little guide to break down the details and hopefully answer all of your poll questions.

Walk like you have 1,000 ancestors behind you

I could go into all of the issues we’ve been facing as a nation for the past two years (boy could I), but I’d rather give you helpful information and motivation to vote on November 6th.

In case you’re unaware, there are 470 seats up for midterm elections; 35 Senate seats and 435 House of Representative seats. Currently, The Senate is split 51/49, republican control, which means all of the racist, misogynistic and stupid ass decisions 45 makes are backed up by the majority vote. There will be 26 democratic seats and 9 Republican seats up for election. This means, Democrats have the opportunity to take control of the Senate and stop 45’s heinous motions.  As far as the house, all 435 seats are up for election; so again, there breeds an opportunity for the Dem’s to take control and stop the lunacy that is commander-in-chief.

During midterms you’ll be voting on 5 major categories: Senator, Governor, Lt Governor, Congressional District Rep, and State House Rep. If you live in PA use the link below to see who the candidates are for your district/county.

A Few Pointers:

• Check the hours of your polling place—make sure you schedule time to vote on Nov. 6th with in the allotted hours. A lot of times jobs provide two hours of pto for voting so be sure to make it to the polls.

• Do not record anything while operating the machine. You can use your phone but you cannot record or take photos of the ballot in any way shape or form.

• Take your ID just in case. If push comes to shove, just show it to them so you can vote.

• Know ahead of time who your candidates are and double check that your vote is going toward your choice BEFORE you hit submit.

• Uber and Lyft often offer free rides on Election Day. If you need a ride to the polls check out their Election Day specials.


I’m a firm believer in exercising my right to vote in every election because all power belongs to the people. I vote because I have ancestors that could only dream of doing so, and this election the stakes are higher than Wiz Khalifa at a Snopp concert. Join me at the polls this Tuesday so we can VOTE THEM OUT!

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