Fashion Highlight: Glendine Mason and CayJor Boutique

Y’all know I love highlighting black woman and WOC owned businesses, so when I had the opportunity to learn more about style guru Glendine Mason and her clothing store, Cayjor Boutique, I jumped at the chance—especially since she’s having a pop-up event this Black Friday weekend!

Photo by @sbyr_photography

Two years ago, Glendine Mason decided to take a chance on herself and open a Pittsburgh based boutique that caters to plus women. Now, after celebrating two years in business, a new athleisure line, multiple runway shows, and now, Pittsburgh’s first plus size pop-up shop, the Cayjor Boutique owner is ready to take the city (and world) by storm! I got a chance to do some Q+A with Glenni and discuss all things Cayjor, Pop-Up shop, and black women in business! I also had a dope try on session with her and all the new pieces she will have at the pop-up!

img_3486Ari wearing the Flawless Bodysuit and Stretch Jegging. Photo by @sbyr_photography

A: First things first congratulations on 2 years in business! Watching your business grow over the past 2 years must be an amazing feeling! Tell me about how you got started and your journey up until this point?

G: Growing up I used to sit in admire my mother as she would get dressed for different events and functions. Seeing how beautiful she looked with all her fancy clothes and jewelry influenced my sense of style and passion in pursuing my dream. It was not an easy road there were and still are a lot of sacrifices that I had to make in order to get to where I am right now. I still have a ways to go, but looking back I’m happy I took the leap.

A:  So, I know that you’ve sourced inspiration for the boutique from numerous people in your life like your mom who inspired your love for fashion, your nieces for whom the boutique is named after, and your cousins and friends who often inspire the names for your pieces; but, how do you stay inspired and motivated on a daily basis to push through?

G: I have a great support system that motivates me daily with inspirational words that help me if I’m feeling down or going through something. I also have my motivational words and inspirational quotes that I read and write down in my journal regularly.



A: It’s easy to recognize how stylish and fashion forward you are because of the crazy cute clothes offered at CayJor Boutique, but what are some other things your passionate about and how do you express that through your style?

G: I have a passion for helping people and having this boutique has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and inspire them in so many different ways.  Just through clothes and conversation.

A: I know you also offer an athleisure line called P.O.U.N.D.E.D.— What does that stand for? Also, what prompted you introduce this to your brand?

G: Pounded stands for Positive, Optimistic, Unique, Nurturing, Determined, Eccentric Diva. Both the meaning and the idea came about on a ladies night just brainstorming over some wine.

Ari in the Ice Cream Dress. Photo by @sbyr_photography

A: Let’s talk pop-up! CayJor is the first plus size boutique to do a pop-up shop in Pittsburgh! How did you make this vision come to life? What can we expect to see at the event?

G: My pop ups were inspired by me wanting to have a storefront but being a small business sometimes you don’t have enough money to handle all of the overhead that comes with maintaining the storefront on a daily basis. For me, pop-ups make more sense economically and more importantly, provides my customers with an exclusive shopping experience that they can find nowhere else. For this pop up event, you can expect a full diva glam experience! We will have a step and repeat booth, make up artists, hair consultations, jewelry, a photographer, door prizes, giveaways, libations and so much more!



A: What do you see next for Glendine and CayJor?

G: What do I see for myself and my business? I see CayJor boutique expanding beyond what I can even imagine! I see myself as the celebrity stylist and I see my business continuing to encourage and uplift women.

A:  Any advice for WOC starting their own small business?

G: My advice to women of color who would like to start a small business is to take that leap jump off of the porch and dive into your dreams. Success is waiting for you on the other side!

Ari rocking the Ari Front Tie Shirt. Photo by @sbyr_photography

I had a great time getting to know more about Glendine and shopping at CayJor Boutique! If you’re in the Pittsburgh area or going to be the Sunday after Thanksgiving, stop by and shop all of the looks featured in this blog and more. You can also check out her website for more.

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