Why I am STILL Boycotting the NFL

2b00f405-b1d9-4662-a0e1-de788cb41c0bIt’s been a full two seasons since I’ve watched my beloved Steelers play. Ben is nearing retirement, Antonio Brown was apparently uninvited to the Pro Bowl, and I guess now the Kardashians have something to do with it? As much as it breaks my heart to miss them Burgh boys barely miss the playoffs and listen to Coach Tomlin’s answer as to why without mever really giving an answer, I can’t help but feel good about my continued boycott of the racist as ever National Football League.

It’s partially because the NFL has become synonymous with modern day slavery, and partially because the 94% white owned and 0% black owned organization has yet to offer Colin Kaepernick a contract, but it is mostly because the NFL has made it explicitly clear that they don’t give a fuck about black and brown bodies for anything more than sports entertainment. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Modern Day Slavery

First, I realize that NFL players are handsomely paid athletes with a chosen profession-that’s not the argument here. I’m talking about the mentality- the upheld atmosphere and practices that are uncomfortably reminiscent to the way slaves and slave owners operated. First, it must be acknowledged that nearly 70% of the NFL players are black and 0% of its owners are. It should also be noted that these powerfully strong and fast Black men are used to make financial gains for their white owners without ever seeing the same level of acknowledgement or monetary success. Also, let’s not forget that these men are bought…I mean drafted based on physical characteristics and the predicted longevity of them.  Throw in a field and some over-seers (…oh, wait) and you’ve got year 1850, new and repackaged with the same old white superiority.

Colin Kaepernick is Still Unsigned and Being Black Balled

Do y’all know what happened when Nat Turner rebelled? Easy. They killed him. They publicly hung him with no remorse or consideration for why he rebelled. They made an example out of him and made sure those who thought about following in his footsteps were significantly discouraged. I would acknowledge the argument that Kaep doesn’t have the stats or skills to be in the NFL anymore, except the NFL is currently preparing for a full hearing in regards to colluding to keep Kaep off the field as punishment for his protests. Fill in the blanks.

The NFL’s New Anthem Rule

Before the start of the 2018 season, the NFL owners unanimously voted to implement a new anthem policy which makes every player and team personnel on the field, stand during the anthem. This does give folks the option of staying in the locker room until after the anthem is played, however it cripples the constitutional right to peacefully protest. Furthermore, it’s the NFL’s way of coddling white America and dismissing the concerns about black and brown lives. The NFL is literally more concerned with white tears than black lives.

Ari’s Outfit Details:

Flannel-King Size Direct ( borrowed from the mister),  BLM Tee-It was a gift believed to be from Etsy, Shorts/Fishnet thigh highs/Fanny pack belt-Torrid, Boots-Gifted from my momma, Earrings-SheIn, Ankh Ring-Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Why I am STILL Boycotting the NFL

  1. Ari Jade

    I was never into football but I’m definitely less interested than I ever have been! I even personally think it was a power play to have the Super Bowl in ATL. They chose a area that is a metropolis of African Americans and essentially in my opinion made a lot of the celebrity black community contradict themselves. I was actually very upset that it seemed as soon as a good party opportunity came around that most completely disresgarded their beliefs for a good time. What’s your opinion on that?


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