Introducing The Queenpin PGH

Since the beginning of time as original people, Black women have been the refuge the world needs. We have given life to the nations, only to have ours taken away. We have held it down, only to be let go of once we are no longer needed. We have been the backbone of nearly every social justice movement in this country, only to stand alone, without support, and fight (and win) on our own. There is no stronger being than that of a Black woman, because even in the best of situations, the world still sees you as just that, a Black woman.

Ari, Ta’lor, Bri and CC on set of the first quarterly photoshoot for The Queenpin PGH. Captured by Marien J. Malloy of Marien Malloy Photography

I am tired of carrying the weight of the world on my back and watching my fellow black women, and women of color do the same without getting the comfort and care that we deserve. I am tired of not being adequately and consistently represented or protected by anyone other than ourselves. I am tired of limiting ourselves and our communities by stunting our economic growth and supporting businesses that do not invest or believe in us. It for these reasons among countless others, why I am so happy to finally introduce The Queenpin PGH, a community organization existing as a safe space to facilitate the advancement and empowerment of Black women and women of color in and around the city of Pittsburgh.

The Queenpin PGH is a collaborative of black and brown women who strive to uplift and support each other and our community through local meetups, networking events, creative projects, and educational panels, all to promote accurate representation and collective economics among Black woman and WOC.

Join the Sista-hood

The Queenpin PGH is based in Pittsburgh, PA but welcomes members from all over the world to join in and start (or continue) the conversation about empowering more WOC. Those looking to get involved may do so by keeping up with the webpage, liking the Facebook Page and joining the Facebook Group. You can also keep up with us on Instagram, and email us at with your first and last name to request your spot on the mailing list.

Meet Some of the Members


Photos captured by Marien J. Malloy of Marien Malloy Photography.

Name: Brianna Session

Occupation: I am a senior customer service representative for UPMC health plan. I am in the front line, and hands on with UPMC members explaining how our coverage works. Basically you call me when you have questions about your healthcare plan.

Melanin Magical Power: I would have to say my power is my empathy. There is no “wow” factor about my super power, but I have the ability to understand, and share my feeling with others. I am aware of every being I interact with, no matter gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or whatever. It is my priority to make everyone feel heard, seen, and understood.

Why The Queenpin PGH is important to you: The Queenpin PGH is important because it creates a way to educate women of color on how amazing we are, and that’s something we simply don’t hear enough. It’s a portal to speak openly and discuss things that only women of color would understand, and it has opened my eyes to other WOC out there doing amazing things. There is so much power in WOC coming together and supporting each other and The Queenpin PGH shows that.


Photos captured by Marien J. Malloy of Marien Malloy Photography

Name: Cathy Calhoun or C.C.

Occupation: I am a project manager professionally but wear many hats. I am a zumba instructor, advocate, mentor, model, educator, and a forever learner of life.

Melanin Magical Power: Embracing my uniqueness and talents to inspire others through fitness and dance. I enjoy showing love and encouragement to show people of color that being active and fit is not defined by their size, shape, or color.

Why The Queenpin PGH is important to you: The Queenpin PGH is important to me because it allows me to be part of a sisterhood with other beautiful women who are out here living their truth. It is a safe place to speak about situations and topics that no one else wants to address, and allows it’s members to gain the knowledge and insight needed to defy the world’s expectations. I am grateful, and encourage other women to be a part of this growing sisterhood!


Photos captured by Marien J. Malloy of Marien Malloy Photography

Name: Ta’lor Pinkston

Occupation: Self-love Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and founder of Ladyhood Journey, LLC

Melanin Magical Power: I am The Heart Advocate who has a way of pouring into the hearts women so that they feel + see how powerful they really are!

Why The Queenpin PGH is important to you: This group is important to me because women of color need women of color. Having a safe-space to unite, connect, build, and network within our community is essential to grow and maintain our power. We are so much stronger together than we are separate and I am thankful for this space for that reason!


Photos captured by Marien J. Malloy of Marien Malloy Photography

Name: India Jay

Occupation: Caregiver

Melanin Magical Power: I embrace being a black woman by taking pride in who I am and where I come from. I never take for granted the ultimate privilege and responsibility of being a Black woman.

Why The Queenpin PGH is important to you: The Queenpin PGH is important to me because it stands for uplifting and unifying other women of color, and generating positivity within our communities. Too often we are made to think that we have to compete with each other when in reality, we go farther together.

Photo captured by Marien J. Malloy of Marien Malloy Photography

One thought on “Introducing The Queenpin PGH

  1. Kelly

    You ladies are all AMAZING! I really enjoyed reading this article, makes me feel empowered and fearless!! Black and brown women are dominating right now (including all of you) and deserve every blessing coming our way!


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