EZ Nail Lifter Lady: Darlene Willis

It’s the nail removal process for me, yall.

This pandemic had my nails looking sad, sorry, and all out of sorts—and I know I’m not alone.

In addition to nail salons shutting down, technicians are booked up weeks in advance, and there is little sign of an end in sight. While I realize this certainly isn’t the worst problem or even a big deal in the grand scheme of things, the uncertainty of future nail appointments has left me scrambling to find affordable, between-appointment solutions to keep my nails looking good.

I’ve taken to the habit of getting a full set each appointment so each set lasts a little longer, but that brings us back to the nail removal.

Whew chile.

I’m either ripping apart my nails bed, or taking time I don’t have to soak them off while simultaneously drying my nails out from all the acetone.

Well, I’d like to introduce you all to Mrs. Darlene Willis, or as I like to call her, the EZ Nail Lifter Lady, and like many other lady entrepreneurs, an answer to our (broken-nail) tragedies.

I had the opportunity to pick Mrs. Willis’s brain and get the skinny on her new invention, EZ Nail Lifter, a beauty tool used to separate and lift the false nail from your natural nail in a quick, easy, and painless way. Check out the Q&A below.

Who is Darlene Willis?

A Universal Child of the MOST HIGH with intensive training in Customer Care and Human Relations skills.

What do you do?

For over 35 years I was an Administrative Assistant until 2016 I had to take a medical leave do to carpal tunnel and Rheumatoid Arthritis. That lead me to developing the E-ZNAILLIFTER and my company TRY Product, a product development company.

How did you start?

In 1997 I started wearing artificial nails and did not like the removal process. Acetone makes my eyes tear profusely, and my throat gets scratchy due to an allergy. Plus my fingertips would be dried out for days. I knew there was a better way to remove them, so I went all over Michigan looking for something to take them off without soaking and could not find anything. So, I created a handy tool that would remove the acrylic nails and made it look like a tool a manicure set.

What has your journey entailed thus far?

A lot of INTERNAL FORTITUDE and learn as you go. Sometimes it feels like I’m in over my head to even want to launch a product without knowing where to start or having the finances to develop it properly. I work as an Administrative Assistant and saved to get a patent. I found a manufacture company to make me a prototype. I saved to get them made and test on the market. I’m building a brand with the goal of becoming a household name product.

How do you know you’re (not) within your purpose.

I look at life differently. My purpose in life is not to be the problem, but a solution and the best person I can be. If my mission is simply to be a solution, then any project The Most High allows me to take on is my purpose.

What is my magic —-the one thing you need no outside validation on?

I know I am a child of THE MOST HIGH. The Spirit gives me the will to manifest anything I put my mind to, the only thing it never said is it would be easy.

Biggest life lesson thus far?

Never think someone will see your vision. I realize God gave the vision to me and they just might have not arrived to it mentally.

You can learn more about E-Z Nail Lifter, and get your own at www.e-znaillifter.com —tell them Ari sent you, and tell your nails I said you’re welcome.

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