Fashion Highlight: Glendine Mason and CayJor Boutique

Y’all know I love highlighting black woman and WOC owned businesses, so when I had the opportunity to learn more about style guru Glendine Mason and her clothing store, Cayjor Boutique, I jumped at the chance—especially since she’s having a pop-up event this Black Friday weekend!

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Nov 6th is Election Day, Go Vote

Honestly, this post is just to reiterate the importance of voting, especially right now. No fancy rhetoric or agenda; just basic common decency and the act of doing the right thing. I put together a little guide to break down the details and hopefully answer all of your poll questions.

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Comfort Zone Check: Growing Through Self Doubt

Am I the only one who goes through the motions of digging my outfit while getting ready but after leaving the house falls into the second-guessing game? I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still learning how to accurately view my body or still learning how to love my body. Either way, I had an episode just like this over the weekend so; I decided to call myself out on it. Here’s what I learned.

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Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2018

Last week Pittsburgh had the pleasure of hosting its very own fashion week to highlight and set new standards for the city’s fashion scene. The celebration consisted of three fashion forward events throughout downtown Pittsburgh. Ya girl was able to attend two of the three events and get all the info about Pittsburgh’s up and coming fashion elite. I won’t lie, this blog is a lot of pictures, but its fashion week…I mean what other way should I go about this?

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As Summer Turns to Fall; Rompers turn to Jumpsuits

It is legit August. School is in session, buses are on the road again and the weather is starting to cool. How did all of this happen so quickly?! As happy as I am to welcome fall –and fall fashion back to the scene, I realize sometimes it can be difficult to plan an outfit during transitional weather. So let’s talk about one of my go to outfit choices for the fall: Jumpsuits!

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Summer 18’s Sweetest Trend: Maxi Skirts and Crop Tops

If all the raindrops were maxi skirts and crop tops, oh what joy that would bring! This post is filled with nothing but good summer vibes. It reminds me of only the happiest thoughts possible…to the point I feel like I am a kid actor on Barney, joyfully singing with the purple dinosaur himself. More and more, I have been trying to dress outside of my comfort zone as part of my journey to body acceptance and self-love. This summer, I have felt most confident, most beautiful, and most comfortable in maxi skirts and crop tops.

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