About Ari

After dropping out of college in 2013 due to suffering from sexual assault, Ari began to rebuild and discovered her passion and the need for empowering those that look like her. She uses her platform to support and empower women of color as well as shed light on inclusion solutions rooted in body diversity and anti-rascism.

Cozy in, let’s get to know each other

My name is Ari Alex and I’m based in the Steel City itself, Pittsburgh, PA. I am a body positive, intersectional feminist and I created All Things Ari to communicate with and inspire women through +fashion, beauty, advocacy, and growth. As a plus size Black woman, I have experienced a lack of inter-sectionality throughout what the world dubs as fashionable, beautiful and even feminine, therefore, All Things Ari is here to help change the narrative.

I know I’m not alone in struggling with the side effects of being a multiple minority (Black, woman, plus-size), especially in the universe of fashion and beauty. My hope is to empower women who don’t feel included, and inspire brands and businesses to be more inclusive. I am passionate about using my platform to advocate for equity and inclusion everywhere, especially for minority women.

Ari (5th from left) pictured here with the artists and panelists from The Queenpin Collective’s Black Women in Art event

When I initially started this journey, it was a way to hold myself accountable, measure my personal growth, and stay committed to my truth. As this journey continues, it has shown me new heights and different ways to navigate through fear, insecurity, jealousy, self love, and doubts, all of which I share to inspire, and prove none of us are alone.

I have found great pride and fulfillment in helping my like-minded sisters of the world empower themselves and even founded a local community organization with the interest of advancing and empowering Black women and women of color called, The Queenpin Collective. I’m so thankful you are joining me on this journey and hope that together, we will shake up the way the world defines beauty and perceives minority women.

Love and Light,