The Queenpin PGH

Founded by Ari Alex, The Queenpin PGH is a community organization that is a safe space to facilitate the advancement and empowerment of Black women and women of color. It was founded as a retort to the lack of representation and equality that WOC experience often and repeatedly. While we are based in Pittsburgh, PA, we work to empower black and brown women from all over the country through our interactive Facebook pageFacebook group, and Instagram page. Read more about us here.

We are always looking to grow and expand in order to better support the community and to adequately portray Black women and women of color. We also hope to empower non-minority allies in hopes that with more understanding and inter-sectionalism we can create a space that serves not only equality, but equity and justice as well. If this sounds like a space you’d like to share, please connect with us on social media and sign up for the mailing list!

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